A day of joy-riding in Hamilton Heights turns into multiple arrests

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HAMILTON HEIGHTS, Upper Manhattan (PIX11)– As soon as the weather warmed up just a bit the illegal bikes were back on the street.

Dirt bikes, motorcycles and ATV’s were driven recklessly both on and off the sidewalks and through the streets of Hamilton Heights on Sunday, and this time cops were ready.

Few people will ever forget the motorist who was driving along the Westside Highway last September with his wife and infant child. He was suddenly surrounded chased and beaten by an angry out-of-control mob of bikers.


Cops cracking down on illegal ATV’s and dirt bikes

Groups of motorcyclists and guys on ATV’s flying through the streets and sidewalks are nothing new say people who live in Hamilton Heights.

Last week a police officer in Brooklyn was struck and dragged more than 60 yards by a guy on an illegal ATV.

On Saturday cops in Manhattan North launched an initiative to discourage these types of bikers. Three bikers were collared and eight bikes were seized after a high speed chase on Saturday.