VIDEO: Florida mom arrested for fighting 12-year-old girl in school parking lot

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MIAMI (PIX11) — A 35-year-old Florida mom was arrested after she was recorded on a cellphone fighting a 12-year-old girl in a middle school parking lot.

Irisdaly Rios is facing battery charges for punching Ashley Perez, a classmate of her daughter at Hialeah Middle School.

Rios can be seen on video exiting her car, and after an exchange of words, punching the girl in the face.

Perez suffered a chipped tooth, scratches and bruises from the brawl.

Rios told NBC Miami, “This girl bullies my daughter everyday.”

Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 11.18.22 AM

(Screen grab: NBC Miami)

The girl admitted that she and Rios’ daughter have argued, but thought the mom was going to try and patch things up between them.

The mother of the boy who recorded the video posted it on the internet, which lead Rios’ arrest.

Police say Rios should have went to the school to report the bullying.



  • sue

    good for her – schools do nothing – sounds like this girl needed her ass beat by her own mother & wasn't getting it – so good for you!!!!

  • lovely

    I don't think it was right, Older people must get respected now a days all you see is how these children trying to attack parents and when parents defend themselves they are wrong, but what wrong is there when they come after you and discipline is acknowledged? these kids must learn respect , I remember when I was a child we always had to respect and never talk with adults but now the system has changed.? Messed up but FACTS

  • angel dieguez

    The girl was saying that she approached the mom’s car. Because she thought that the mom was going to fix the situation like other mom’s. That’s not true. On the video she looks very disrespectful to the lady saying that she was talking $%&* about her. In this case both of them lose. But that young girl Ashley Perez deserve to be expelled from school. Because she looks very nasty, disrespectful and troublemaker.

  • maria sanchez

    I agree that young girl look disrespectful it about time a adult show them some respect now that the mom doesn’t show them how to respect people. Irisdaly rios I give you all respect you are true parent and defend your baby.

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