Surgeon creates ‘orgasm machine’ for women

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The surgeon claims the device will work with remote control.

NEW YORK (PIX11) — A surgeon has allegedly created a machine that will allow a woman to orgasm at the push of a button.

The device, which has been patented, is smaller than a pack of cigarettes and is implanted under the skin of a patient’s buttocks, according to surgeon Stuart Meloy, who made the breakthrough machine.

The woman would use a handheld remote to trigger electrodes, that would in turn, cause her to orgasm.


A diagram of how the device would work (Photo: New Science)

Meloy said that the device would only be for cases of severe orgasmic dysfunction and could help couples overcome issues caused by problems in the bedroom.

“If you’ve got a couple who’ve been together for a while and it’s just not happening any more, maybe they’ll get through it a bit easier with this,” Meloy said.

The device is currently in its trial phase and has only been tested on women, not men.

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