Cronut creator unveils latest culinary must-have: The milk and cookie shot

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Cookie shot


NEW YORK (PIX11)– “Cronut” inventor will soon bring his newest, drool-worthy creation at his Manhattan bakery: an edible chocolate chip milk shot.

New York City chef Dominque Ansel, who is credited for making the croissant-doughnut hybrid, created a chocolate chip mini cup where organic milk could be stored to drink.

He debuted his innovative pastry at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas and then teased the rest of the world with the concoction on Instagram on March 5.

However, Ansel told that his latest culinary creation, the milk-and-cookie shot, is coming to Dominque Ansel Bakery in Spring Street and will most likely sell at the delicatessen after 3 p.m. in order to ensure there’s a fresh batch to serve with suppliers’ organic milk.

Ansel said his inspiration for the product came after someone told him mixing cookies and milk was a ‘thing’ here in the United States.

“In France, we don’t naturally think about drinking milk with cookies,” Ansel said. “We don’t eat very many cookies at all. So the first time someone told me milk and cookies are a ‘thing,’ I was very fascinated by it. And that’s what inspired the creation.”

He said if the milk is kept cold, the shots can last for a long time, but they aren’t designed for endurance. The product may not yet be perfected, he said, and suggested alcohol may come inside future ‘cookie shots.’

“Everything takes a few tries and we are always tweaking,” Ansel said.”You do need a really tempered and aerated cookie dough. And we’re currently brainstorming other fun things to place into cookie shot glass — like vanilla ice cream and even Bailey’s.”

One thing is for sure,  folks are clamoring in anticipation for ‘cookie shots.’

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