VIDEO: Bronx Assemblymen caught behaving badly in the Dominican Republic

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Here’s the lesson: Videos posted online will always come back to haunt you, no matter how quick you delete them.

That is the case for Bronx Assemblyman Jose Rivera, who posted a video that was shot in 2005 in the Dominican Republic and quickly deleted it — but not before someone could save it and put it out there again.

The video shows Rivera inappropriately ogling young woman.

Bronx Assemblymen caught behaving badly in the Dominican Republic VIDEO

In the video from 2005, Rivera is seen ogling women in the Dominican Republic.

In the video, Rivera is joined by former Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell, who is from Harlem.

Activists for Latino and LGBT issues were outraged by the video.

Assembly Rivera told the Daily News that he sees the video as respectful flirting, and that no one every said the video was out of line, until now.  He also says that it was taken out of context.

Rivera says he did not intend to hurt anyone and claims he’s a victim of changing times.

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