‘Afroduck’ could get jail time in record-breaking lap around Manhattan

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The man who claimed he lapped the island of Manhattan in just 24 minutes is facing jail time.

Last September, “Afroduck,” real name Adam Tang, posted the video of his 26.4 mile loop on YouTube.

‘Afroduck’ gets jail time in record-breaking lap of Manhattan

Tang posted the video on YouTube last September under the name “Afroduck.”

Tuesday, Tang, 30, refused to plead guilty to reckless endangerment and serve 60-days in jail.

In an online interview before he was nabbed by cops, Afroduck bragged about being an “in control” driver and claimed, “You can’t tell who I am just by looking at a video.”

Tang says he wants to go to trial because he “didn’t act recklessly.”
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