2 arrested for trying to run skimming operation out of Chase ATM

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – ATM skimming at a bank?  Two alleged thieves in Brooklyn have proven that no ATM is safe.

Their scheme fell apart on Tuesday, authorities said, when detectives were notified by investigators from the Chase Bank at 290 Flatbush Avenue that an ATM skimming device had been placed on one of their machines. A surveillance team responded.

That night, two men entered the vestibule banking area and removed a door mounted Parabit card reader and cameras that were mounted onto the actual ATM machine, according to police.

Chase ATM

While bodega and other privately-operated ATMs are usually the target of skimmers, two men went after a Chase bank, police say.

Detectives moved in and arrested the them while they were still inside the bank ATM vestibule.

There are many tricks to steal PIN numbers.  According to bankrate.com, ATM users should never use an ATM at the corner of a building, corners create a blind spot. Do not use an ATM that appears unusual. Make sure you are not being followed.  Don’t use an ATM that offers options you are not familiar with.

skimming machine

The skimming device police say the two men used in the Brooklyn ATM vestibule.

A spokesperson for Chase told PIX11 News, customers with a Chase card are not liable for fraudulent activities.

They are monitoring all cards used at the affected ATM. They are working with police.

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