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Queens couple says con man hypnotized them, took thousands

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QUEENS (PIX11) — When Nandkishore and Deovkasutram Ramoutar contacted me, I had an idea this would be an unusual case. I didn’t realize how unusual.

A guy named Brian Leiba befriended them. He first met Mrs. Ramoutar while she was out tending to the vegetables they grow outside their Jamacia, Queens home. Next thing you know, Leiba was coming by for dinner. And it wasn’t long after that, that Leiba made his pitch for a loan. He said he owed the IRS money and wanted to buy a home and needed $7,000.

“I said no,” Nandkishore told me. “Where am I gonna get seven-thousand-dollars from?”

Queens couple says con man hypnotized them, took thousands

The couple believes they were hypnotized.

“My wife said, ‘I didn’t know you. You just step into our house. We don’t know where you live. We don’t know nothing about you.’ Then he said, ‘Ok, we can make a legit paper.'”

So Brian Leiba drew up a paper. He’d get $7,000 and agreed to repay the couple a total of $11,000 in a month.

Here’s where it gets really bizarre. When it came time to cinch the deal, Leiba shows up with a Queens realtor named Ione Lettman.  She has a shopping bag and Nan and his wife say she just started walking through the home with an open bag.  They think Nandkishore somehow was hypnotized to give the loan.

“He couldn’t sleep. He said ‘I don’t know what I did.'”  That’s what Deovkasutram says.

Howard: “But he felt he had to do it?”

Deovkasutram:  Felt he had to go give this man the money. He has sister, brother who need the money. And give this man the money. He never go and do that. This is a stranger! He is nobody for us. We don’t even know him!”

So, guess what? Leiba got the dough and months later hasn’t repaid a cent.

I went looking for him at his supposed addresses. And I stopped by Lettman’s realty agency carrying a bag of my own. An odd place that is. Everyone’s wearing coats as if they’re either freezing or ready to run outside. Lettman wasn’t there. And I didn’t find Leiba.

But Leiba got wind we’re looking for him.  He emailed and called me. What a story he gave me on the phone. The gist of it was that Deovkasutram orchestrated the whole thing because she supposedly wanted him physically.

Needless to day, she denies it and calls Leiba a big liar. The Ramoutar’s are still out seven grand. Leiba and Lettman seem to be ducking me.

The last I heard from Brian Leiba via email, he claims he’s in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. But he didn’t respond when we asked for the name of his lawyer and wondered why he hadn’t given notice of his bankruptcy to the Ramoutar’s, since after all they’d be creditors.

So to Ione and Brian: Hey folks, I’m right here. Easy to get in touch with.  If you’re above board, email, give me a call, let’s find a solution.

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