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Judge rules against NJ teen suing parents for tuition

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MORRISTOWN, N.J. (PIX11/AP) — A judge has denied a request from a northern New Jersey honor student to force her parents to immediately provide her financial support.

Judge Peter Bogaard Tuesday scheduled a hearing for next month in the lawsuit filed by 18-year-old Rachel Canning to decide whether her parents will be required to pay her college tuition.

teen sues parents 2

18-year-old Rachel Canning was denied an immediate request that her parents pay for her tuition and living expenses. (Image/Pool)

“We have to ask ourselves, ‘Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in constant fear of establishing basic rules of the house?” Bogaard said.

Parents of teen

Rachel Canning’s parents say they tried to invite her back into the home, but claim their daughter refused to live by their rules. (Image/Pool)

Canning claims her parents threw her out of their Lincoln Park home when she turned 18.  “Normal parents would be concerned about putting their children in financial debt going forward,” said Canning’s attorney Tanya Hefland.  “I believe that she is a vulnerable young woman and her parents aren’t taking care of her.”

Rachel Canning Facebook

Rachel Canning, 18, is suing her parents for college tuition and housing (Photo/Facebook).

In court documents, Canning accuses her parents of verbal and physical abuse, alleging that her father was “inappropriately affectionate” with her and gave her alcohol on several occasions.  Her mother, she said, mentally abused her when she was a child by calling her “fat” and “porky.”

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Canning’s parents, Sean and Elizabeth, paint a different picture of their 18-year-old daughter.  They said Rachel simply refused to live under the rules of their home, and claim she ignored rules “such as a curfew, no under-age drinking and a diligent effort to obtain good grades.”  When she wasn’t allowed to see her boyfriend  after being suspended for two days, they said, Rachel cut school and then decided to move in with a friend after spending two nights with her boyfriend.

Judge rules against nj teen

Judge Peter Bogaard denied Canning’s immediate request of $650 weekly for living expenses and tuition, but ordered another hearing in a month to decide on her request for college tuition money. (Image/Pool)

She’s been living in Rockaway Township with the family of her best friend since. The Daily Record of Parsippany reports that the friend’s father is funding the lawsuit.



  • Kenny

    Kudos to the Judge for his decision! Shame on her Parents who raised a basically spoiled Brat that tried to take advantage of her situation to the fullest Shame on the lawyer who took on this case… you're not setting a landmark decision… you're giving a Spoiled Brat more negative reinforcement! I hope in a month her appeal for College Tuition gets denied as well…. Let her get a job and learn that she is responsible for what she gets in life!

  • H.Buster

    Rachel Canning stop cutting out of, school and sleeping with your boyfriend! Get a JOB and make a living just like anyone else who wants things and support yourself!

  • esco

    If she would've won there would be a tidal wave of lazy kids trying the same thing to their parents. Thank goodness it stops here.

  • scallywagy

    Daddy used to get me drunk, kiss me, turned me into an emotional wreck bulimic??  

    Does the story get any more diabolical? Then the parents refuting that none of this true, and that the daughter tried to set her father up with a new woman and that she was breaking curfews, hanging out with her boyfriend into the wee hours…. suspended from school twice for underage drinking?

    Is this really a lawsuit for financial support or a battle cry for a lost soul?? 

  • karen

    she is a spoiled brat that needed her butt whipped a couple of times growing up and didnt get it ,, she needs to go work for McDonalds flip some burgers and pay for her own college education

  • Teretj836

    We raise our kids to the best of our ability. K-12 grades those are the schooling we as parent is obliged to provide. If u get good grades and be a responsible young person then we will go out of our way to provide or invest in further education.

  • yilma

    move out ,go on public assistant you will free education, food stamp, medical benefit card and cash,or better apply for scholarships but you so into the boys you can’t think, so stop insult hard working young girls and go get a JOB

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