WATCH IT: Pope Francis lets F-bomb slip during Vatican blessing

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Pope Francis drops F-bomb

VATICAN CITY (PIX11) – The Holy See dropped an unholy F-bomb while delivering his Sunday weekly blessing, and the slip-up quickly spread around the world thanks to social media.

Pope Francis, who is Argentinian, was addressing the crowd in Italian when he bungled the word “caso,” which means “case,” and accidentally said “cazzo,” which can be translated to “f–k” or “d–k.”

As spectators in St. Peter’s Square reached for their smartphones to post the unintended vulgarity on Twitter and Facebook, the 77-year-old leader of the Catholic Church smoothly corrected himself.

“In this case the providence of God will become visible through this gesture of solidarity,” he continued.

On Sunday Francis addressed the escalating situation in Ukraine, saying, “I am making a heartfelt appeal to the international community: support every initiative for dialogue and harmony.”

After the pro-Moscow leader of Ukraine was ousted following weeks of protests, Putin sent the Russian army into the Crimea region.  The move is considered an act of aggression by the sitting president, and world leaders fear the situation is set to escalate.  President Obama called the move by Russian forces a violation of international law.