TV reporter Steve Keeley of FOX29 blasted with wall of snow from passing plow [VIDEO]

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A reporter covering the aftermath of a snowstorm in New Jersey got covered by snow from a passing plow.

Steve Keeley of WTXF-TV in Philadelphia was blasted with a wall of snow from a plow while reporting live from the side of the road in Woodstown, N.J., around 6:30 a.m. Monday.

Steve Keeley gets blasted by snow in this GIF posted by Philadelphia Magazine.

The station posted a video of the incident, during which Keeley never lost his footing. WTXF said it’s the 15th storm that Keeley’s reported on this winter and he’s clearly a pro because he “didn’t even miss a beat.”

Keeley said he was 20 feet from the road, which shows how far plows can throw snow at high speeds.

He joked that a reporter from another TV station must’ve been driving the plow.


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