Social media-happy Bronx gang unwittingly gives NYPD key evidence

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THE BRONX (PIX11) – A violent Bronx gang knows as “280” was taken down Monday, NYC’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor announced while revealing key pieces of evidence came from the suspects themselves – a gift from social media.

Gang Social Media

Ten suspects were arrested including the highest ranking members of “280.” Police were following their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts where pictures of the alleged gang members were posted showing stacks of cash and unregistered vehicles along with inappropriate language.

social media gang

The takedown represents at least the 4th large-scale takedown of a gang since the creation of the NYPD’s Operation Crew Cut unit targeting violent street crews.


    • David Diaz

      Yes, I agree, REALLY STUPID..!!!!! Your bound to get locked up or killed when living that life style, to all youngsters reading this article and posts, IT’S NOT WORTH the fast cash, it DOESNT NOT LAST, as fast as it comes that’s how fast it disappears, your lige is worth way more..!!!!!

  • Kenneth Shaw

    These folks were obviously not among the sharpest knives in the drawer and were asking for trouble, but I think more people would do well to remember this kind of stuff as a warning to others about the dangers of over-sharing. A lot of media coverage in recent years has been focused on Facebook privacy issues. But much of this attention was focused on the commercial aspect of Facebook – things like ad clicks giving companies your private info. But whether or not brands use the types of companies listed at or Facebook ads directly to get more likes and shares, there’s no way for any company to get personally identifying information about their users just from an ad click. If you want to focus on external causes, things like the NSA spying allegations and bad app developers asking for too many unnecessary permissions to access private data are arguably much bigger problems than anything that Facebook does. Most people aren’t in gangs, but many people could ruin their professional reputation depending on what they over-share about themselves.

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