Polar Vortex hangs on, but good news: we spring forward on Sunday

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Watch Mr. G’s forecast — yes it stays cold, but not as cold as it’s been, and Daylight Saving Time returns at 2 a.m. Sunday, meaning an hour less of sleep Sunday morning as we spring forward, but an hour more of daylight. We’ll take it!


Monday was a battle between the polar vortex and a snowstorm, and the vortex was the victor. The storm that was supposed to give us some snow today was fortunately suppressed to the south due to the colder dense air from arctic. That leaves us with the frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills for tonight.

Polar vortex cold

Overnight lows will dip to around 10 this evening with single digits across the surrounding suburbs. Wind chills in the city will be around 0 to -10.  Areas north of the city could have wind chills down to -20.


For tomorrow, we will see a subtle shift as the polar vortex lifts northward allowing for some moderation in the temperatures. Temperatures will rise into the upper 20s in the afternoon which still cold however, the winds will calm down making fell less harsh. Temperatures continue on a positive trend for the most part and we will gradually reach the mid 40s by the weekend.


The only one speed bump in the way will be Thursday. We will watch a system move off the Carolinas go out to sea. We could be close enough to get a grazing, but either way, its weaker storm and anything whether, its snow or rain, that we get would be on the light side.