Let John Travolta ‘Travoltify’ YOUR name with this ‘Adela Dazeem’ name generator

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John Travolta

NEW YORK (PIX11) – The must-see Oscar moments in 2014 took the form of an Ellen selfie that basically broke Twitter, Jennifer Lawrence doing adorable things and John Travolta hopelessly butchering the introduction of singer Idina Menzel, who sang “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen — a moment that anyone can now create for themselves with the “Travoltify” name generator.

Travolta, sporting a dark suit with a center-parted hairstyle, introduced Menzel by saying, “please welcome the wickedly talented, one and only” — then muttered what sounded like “Adela Dazeem.”

The swing-and-miss introduction quickly birthed an Adela Dazeem Twitter account which jumped to 16K followers overnight.  For those who didn’t think of making a fake Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr account based on the fictional “Adela Dazeem,” there is now Slate’s “Travoltify,” the name generator that  lets you find out how the Grease actor might have bungled your name.

Find out what your “Adela Dazeem” name is HERE.