Cuomo joins Christie on hot seat amid secret toll-hike plan allegations

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – “The working people, mostly of New Jersey, who come to New York to work are being screwed.”  Assemblyman Gordon Johnson is irate and, frankly, he has had enough of what he says is back-room politics by Port Authority officials, “It stinks.”

“Well that’s just the way it is and this authority really needs to be dismantled, taken apart and restructured,” said Johnson.

This all comes after a weekend report in The Bergen Record that suggests New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Port Authority appointees, the same ones involved with the Bridgegate scandal, devised a plan in 2011 to raise the tolls by $6 only to see the hike scaled back, and thus make Governor Christie as well as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo look like they are always looking out for the taxpayer’s interests.

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Both Governor Cuomo and Christie have been tied to an alleged secret plan to play with toll hikes for political gain. (Getty Images)

“Having this story come out about the inflated requests for fee increases to make the Governors look good — again not the biggest crime in politics — is the kind of thing that unfortunately happens a fair amount, but . . . it’s part of a pattern,” says political strategist Dan Gerstein is not alone with this perspective.

Mike Paul, “The Reputation Doctor,” agrees, but adds that now there is a new spotlight shining on the other potential presidential candidate connected to the George Washington Bridge, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, “When you peel back the onion and you potentially find out more, including you had a responsibility to know even if you didn’t, those are things that are certainly hurtful in any type of a campaign and while you’re governing before you campaign.”

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