Abysmal winter for flying continues with 600-plus cancellations at NYC airports

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NEWARK (PIX11) – At Newark Liberty International Airport, the big board showed the bad news, flight delays and cancellations again.

Diane Stewart and her family were trying to get to Detroit, Michigan from Newark airport. They tried on Sunday night, too as cancellations and delays hit the tri-state again on Monday.

Since Saturday, FlightAware reported about 5,000 cancellations across the country. On Monday, more than 600 cancellations were reported at Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports, according to a spokesperson from FlightAware.

We found Ross William in a makeshift bed at Newark Airport.

Flights canceled

Dan Rose is a former pilot, now an aviation attorney at Kreindler & Kreindler, LLP. Rose told us it’s been years since he has seen cancellations and delays that compare to this winter’s.

Cancellations at Newark, LGA and JFK were only the tip of the iceberg. All flights were halted at one point at  Washington Reagan National Airport Monday.

Greg didn’t want to share his last name, but wanted to share his travel woes in New York City. He was supposed to leave for Phoenix Monday morning. Newark was the second airport he’s been to on Monday.

According to FlightAware, 20 percent of flights at LGA were canceled Monday, 16 percent at JFK, and 18 percent at LaGuardia.

A total of 652 flights cancelled at all three airports of 4 p.m.

PIX11 found Ross William in a makeshift bed at Newark Airport.

With cancellations becoming the new norm to some, we went to the experts at Conde Nast Traveler Magazine for some tips on how to get through them. For starters, plan ahead, experts said, and don’t wait for the airline to tell you your flight has been cancelled

Call the airline right away, experts said,  it the fastest way to get on another flight. Also, try to find the best hotel deals. They recommend the app HotelTonight for travelers.

Also from Conde Nast, experts said suggest alternate routes to the airline agent.  Switch to another airport in the Tri-State area, or even offer Philadelphia or Boston, if they are out of the eye of the storm, and you’re able to get there. Also, know your Rights as a Passenger, experts said.