Dove pulls ad calling New Jersey ‘the armpit of America’

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ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. (PIX11) — A Dove billboard trying to put a positive twist on New Jersey’s nickname as the “armpit of America,” has been dropped.

This new ad campaign shows a woman smiling and showing off her underarm.

Next to her it reads: “Dear New Jersey, when people call you the armpit of America, take it as a compliment. Sincerely, Dove.”

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The ad campaign didn’t go over well with the Garden State and Dove has decided to drop it.

The New Jersey based Unilever, which makes Dove issued a statement Friday night:

“Our intent with the ‘Dear New Jersey’ ad was to call attention to the fact that armpits can and should be considered beautiful and ask women everywhere to accept this as something that is okay. We did not wish to cause any misunderstanding or offense. We take feedback from our community very seriously and will not be running this billboard advertisement.”

The brand’s creative director said the goal of the ad was to try and stop people from viewing armpit as a dirty word.