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NYC man charged in shooting of rookie NYPD officer

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NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City man has been arrested on attempted murder, assault, weapon possession and other charges in the shooting of a rookie NYPD officer.

Police announced the charges against 28-year-old Rashun Robinson on Thursday. It wasn’t clear if he had an attorney. There was no phone number listed at the address provided by police.

Shooting Arrest

Police say first-year officer James Li is in stable condition after being shot in both legs Wednesday evening in Brooklyn.

They say Li and his partner saw Robinson and another man board a bus through the rear doors without paying. They say the men fled when confronted and Robinson then fired at the officers, who fired back.

Bystanders aided Li. Robinson was arrested nearby.

Police say Robinson’s wanted in Pennsylvania on drug charges.

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  • Judgenot

    I was watching the news clip and was quite offended by Mike Sheehan's question to the young man arrested in the shooting of a rookie officer when he asked " do you think you can shoot a cop and get away with it?" The tome was was like that of a bully and a man who has the right to judge and punish. I am not sure if Mr. Sheehan felt he was within his right as a former detective with the NYPD, but I would like to pose a question to Mr. Sheehan, do you think that you can bully, strong harm and coerce 5 young men into a confession about raping a woman and getting away with it? The answer would be yes. You and your colleagues did this with the Central Park Five. So here you are 25 years later as a reporter questioning and judging on a news station and living a wonderful life while these 5 young men are still reeling and trying to put the pieces of their lives together. How soon we forget our own arrogance and wrongs when no one will call us out on our mess. Sorry Mr. Sheehan, I am calling you out and to still deny that you messed up is not acceptable. You can say that this young man should not have shot this officer but you do not dare arrogantly and dismissively question anyone getting away with anything when we have documented proof that you got away with your actions.

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