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Normcore — the fashion trend that embraces plain and boring

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Once upon a time, fashion was complex. The golden rule was: the splashier, the better. However, it appears fashion has now taken a turn to the plain and normal or as experts call itNormcore.

“It’s more of a trend where people want individuality. Where you wear a brand without calling attention to yourself,” fashion blogger True Fashionista Now told PIX11.  “Whether you’re wearing sneakers or dad jeans, they still have style.”

According to the fashionista, the trend embraces the ordinary and under-rated while silently rebelling against corporate brands that incessantly clog our social media feeds with so-called “must-haves” and “hot items.”

“So many people take selfies of themselves, whether they are holding a prada bag or gucci shoes,” he said. “There is a demographic out there that hates that.”

Normcore – the new trend that embraces plain and boring

Normcore – the new trend that embraces plain and boring. (NY Magazine)

Some of the prominent names that ooze the Normcore look, according to TFN, are a 90’s Jerry Seinfeld, comic Louis C.K., the late Steve Jobs and apparently our own commander in chief.

“At one point, even Barack Obama was criticized for wearing dad jeans, and now when you look at it… dad jeans are the essential [accessory] with Normcore.”

In short, the quintessential normcore outfit would resemble the ensemble any average joe would be able to put together on laundry day. If its comfortable, boring and necessarily not your ideal true size but still fits – it’s normcore.

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