Record levels of crowds and delays on NYC transit system

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If you think the subways have seemed busier that’s because they are.

Average weekday ridership was the highest since 1950 in December.

The MTA reports that 2013 had 9 of the 10 highest-weekday-subway riderships days from the past 25 years. The weekends are breaking records, too.

That contributed to a higher percentage of delays, waits, and crowded conditions.

The weather and old equipment didn’t help. The MTA reviewed the numbers at the latest transit committee meeting.

Additional service was added on the L and G lines. But most of the system is already running at capacity. Technical improvement projects along the lines will allow for additional trains.

You can track arrival times using some real-time data made available by the MTA. Check it out here and on an app called “Roadify.”

The app creators are from Brooklyn.

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