Applauding Arizona: Brooklyn celebrates ‘religious rights” bill veto

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Wearing his rainbow tipped gloves, gay Park Sloper Jashen Godfrey expressed his disbelief that bill 10-62 even made it to the desk of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

“It doesn’t make any sense for somebody to say that it’s against their religion for somebody to be the way that they are,” said Godfrey.

The bill would have allowed business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers based on religious beliefs. Several businesses including Marriot, Apple, American Airlines, and Yelp were outraged by the proposal. The NFL even talked about finding a new location for next year’s Super Bowl.
So Wednesday, Governor Brewer vetoed the bill.

“I have not heard of one example in Arizona where a business owner’s religious liberty has been violated,” said Brewer.

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Carlo Scissura called Brewer’s decision, “The smartest thing the Governor has ever done in her terms in office.” Scissura says he was disgusted by supporters of the bill who tried use religious freedoms to hide their true agenda.

Brooklyn resident

“We all understood what it was about.  It was about the disgusting bill, it was punitive.  I’m proud of my colleagues at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce for saying ‘No way! Arizona’s open for business,’ and Brooklyn is open for business.”

And Brooklyn business owners aren’t afraid to show their support for the LGBT community.  Walk down 5th Avenue in Park Slope and you’ll see several equality stickers from the Human Rights Campaign displayed proudly in the windows.  It’s a symbol that’s become synonymous with the fight for equal rights in LGBT community.

“It’s always open arms when you go to a store,” said Godfrey.

If it wasn’t, Godfrey says not only would he stop patronizing stores that refused to serve the LGBT community, he says he would picket to make sure other customers did too.

“I would actually stand outside and tell all the gay people not to go inside…and the straight people too.”

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