Philly man facing charges after series of fake drive-by shooting ‘pranks’ posted to Instagram

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Stinson frightened unsuspecting strangers with a pellet gun.

PHILADELPHIA (PIX11) — A wannabe Philadelphia comedian is facing charges after he posted a series of videos on Instagram of himself pulling a pellet gun on people in a drive-by shooting “prank.”

Cops say 21-year-old Daron Stinson recorded himself pulling up to unsuspecting strangers and pulling a pellet gun, simulating a drive-by.

Video contains graphic language.

Stinson then posted the videos to his Instagram account, “funniestnphilly.”

In one video, Stinson and his friends pull up to a 52-year-old man wheeling a bag of rock salt, pull the gun and demand the man put the bag of salt in the trunk of their car. “Please don’t try this it’s very dangerous poor old head make him waste all that good salt,” the amateur comedian commented under the picture.

Video contains graphic language.

In another, he causes a young man to go diving into the snow.

Video contains graphic language.

The “prankster” turned himself into police and has been charged with aggravated assault, robbery, reckless endangerment and other offenses.

Despite the charges, Stinson has not taken the videos down.

Stinson’s father is not amused by his son’s escapades.

“Nothing with the gun is funny. Nothing,” his father Rodney told a local station.


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