NYC is pulling 400 children out of two dangerous, deplorable homeless shelters

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – The Catherine Street Shelter is where Taina Ilarraza and her three children have to call home right now. Its one of two city-owned shelters Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to move hundreds of children from.

Ilarraza told PIX11, “It is not a place for any family.  There are mice, roaches, no heat, child molesters.”

City inspectors sited at least 400 violations at the Auburn Street Shelter.  The New York Times reports that last fall a resident pulled two caseworkers and five children into a room, and held them as hostages.  In August of 2012, the building was also taken over by a group of wild teenage boys, “threatening children in bathrooms and assaulting others on the street, according to state records.”

Homeless shelter

The Bloomberg Administration cut several services to the City Homeless and it took a decade to get change; de Blasio said he will not turn his back on the city homeless.

Already, 40 families have been moved out of Auburn and more are expect over the next few months.

Once the families are out, both shelters will get renovated.  The city is trying to find temporary shelter, if not permanent solutions, for the desplaced families.

It will cost the City $13 million to complete the project.