Howard helps a building owner plagued by an aggressive squatter

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Williesteina Jacobs is a singer, a small business owner and a real estate investor.  She owns a small building in South Richmond Hill, Queens. Back in September she says a squatter named Natalie Judi broke in while the place was being renovated.

Natalie Judi shown refused to leave. So Williesteina was forced to take her to court. But the judge ruled Judi could stay until there was a formal eviction proceeding.

Williesteina was upset about that.


“I’m torn because I feel I work so hard.  Everything I have I work for and someone’s that not willing to work for what they want can just step up in and say ha, ha! It’s mine!”

howardSo, Williesteina and I went to confront Natalie Judi. I put it to her very simply.

“You realize a squatter’s proceeding has been instituted against you?”

” Okay!”

” You realize this isn’t going to last much longer.”

” Okay I don’t care!”

” You’re going to be out on the street.”

That’s just a portion of the scene. You’ve got to click on the video to see the owner and the squatter going at it face to face.

Anyway, it took a few months, but the eviction order finally came through. Natalie Judi cleared out before the city marshal actually came over to post it.

And there’s another reason to watch the video. Williesteina was so happy she performed a song about me.   I’ve been doing this Help Me Howard stuff for years and no one ever serenaded me before. You’ve got to see this.