Julie Corey, who stole unborn baby from friend’s womb, killing the mother, gets life in prison

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WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts woman convicted of killing her pregnant friend and stealing her unborn baby has been sentenced to life in prison.

Julie Corey was given the mandatory term of life without parole Tuesday after being found guilty last week of first-degree murder in Worcester  Superior Court.


Darlene Haynes was found dead in a closet.

Corey was convicted of killing 23-year-old Darlene Haynes in 2009. Haynes’ body was found in her apartment, and investigators later discovered her unborn child was missing.

Corey and her boyfriend were found with the baby days later at a homeless shelter in Plymouth, N.H.

Several people, including Haynes’ father, who held his daughter’s ashes, spoke at the sentencing about how Haynes’ killing affected them.

Corey’s lawyers have argued that police failed to follow up on leads that could have implicated others.


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    Why are the taxpayers on the hook to fund this trash’s 3 means a day and warm bed? She needs to be lethally injected and made an example out of. My sympathy to the family of the murdered woman and I hope the baby is put with a good family.

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