Freezing rain advisory in effect for morning commute in parts of NY, NJ

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Warmer weather is on its way but Old Man Winter will not make it easy for us. An area of low pressure will arrive by midday tomorrow. For most areas, temperatures will be above freezing allowing it to be a rain event.


That will not be the same case for Northern New Jersey and parts of Upstate New York. By the time rain arrives in the morning for those areas, temperatures could still be below freezing. As a result, freezing rain is possible for those areas until temperatures rise above 32 degrees.

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The National Weather Service has issued Freezing Rain Advisories for locales west of the city that could experience the treacherous weather. Untreated surfaces could make travel quite dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Temperatures for the rest of the region will be above freezing by the time the storm arrives. Precipitation amounts will generally be at a ¼” of an inch by the time the storm ends early in the evening.

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Heading into Thursday, winds will turn more southerly allowing temperatures to rise into the upper 40s.  By Friday, temperatures could reach 50 before a strong cold front arrives bring some rain and even the possibility of thunderstorms.

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With the milder temperatures, ice jams may form along streams and rivers. Add the 2 rain events this week and some river flooding may occur. Residents along rivers are advised to take preparations in the event that flooding occurs later this week.  Another problem that is ongoing is the threat of roof collapses from the heavy wet snow. The rain will only add insult to injury.