Futuristic pothole repair technology refused by former DOT officials

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Crews from the Department of Transportation has been working around the clock to fill in and patch up craters around the city.

But some say the current process isn’t working.

What’s worse – We’ve learned of technology that is more effective in treating potholes and the city actually turned it down two years ago.

It’s called the future of pothole repair despite the technology existing for a number of years.

The people who use the machines day it’s more cost effective in the long run despite coming with a price tag of $150,000.

The infrared heat heats up the entire area around the pothole, adding hot asphalt and creating a chemical bond.

The new method could apparently save millions of dollars and cut labor costs.

The technology was so impressive, the idea was entertained in NYC in 2011 but turned down.

There’s no question DOT crews are working around the clock and doing the best they can.

Their Tumblr page tracking their work but in a time when potholes and the word nuisance have become synonymous in our city, frustrations are climbing.