Binging on ‘House of Cards’ over the weekend? You weren’t alone

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Many people – including celebrities – spent their Valentine’s Day weekend binge-watching “House of Cards” (CNN)

(CNN) — Raise your hand if you spent this weekend binge-watching “House of Cards”?

Join the club. From the leader of the free world to celebs, it appeared that Valentines Day weekend was for lovers of season two of the hit Netflix series. The show, about the devious machinations of Washington politician Francis Underwood and his wife, Claire, played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, has a devoted fan base that eagerly awaited the release of the new season on Friday — and many of them watched all 13 episodes over the weekend.

President Barack Obama is so into the show that he tweeted right before the release, “No spoilers, please.” Don’t worry Mr. President, Netflix has you covered. They offered up the Spoiler Foiler, which blocks any danger words in Twitter timelines that might reveal too much.

Trust us, such a thing is needed from the first episode on (no spoilers here, we promise).

Celeb fans couldn’t resist getting in on the binge. “Teen Wolf” star Melissa Ponzio tweeted about a new addition to the show with “can i tell you how much i love Cashew?! shes gonna make everyone pay!! @HouseofCards omg #HouseOfCards.”

Musician Questlove can be found most late weeknights playing drums in Jimmy Fallon’s house band, but this weekend was all about the Netflix show for him. He tweeted, “oh what have you done to me @HouseofCards.”

CNN even gets in on the game with a few personalities making cameos in the series. CNN’s Jake Tapper congratulated Ashleigh Banfield for her interview with Claire Underwood on the show by tweeting “.@CNNAshleigh nice get with Vice President Underwood’s wife.”