Woman makes gross discovery in convenience store burrito

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MIDLAND, Texas (CNN) — A woman found something less than appetizing in a burrito she bought from a convenience store.

Cynthia Corrigan bought herself an $0.89 fried burrito at the Stripes convenience store in Midland. but, she got more than she bargained for after a few bites.

“I was using taco sauce and when I was looking at my burrito to put it in that’s when i noticed the little blue speck in there.” said Cynthia Corrigan.

Cynthia says that blue speck turned out to be the finger of a latex glove. She immediately called the store and spoke with the manager who told her the burritos come from a vendor. Still, the manager told her to call the corporate offices and she did.

“I filled out my incident report and he refunded my money for the one burrito.” said Cynthia Corrigan.

KWES-TV also reached out to Stripes and they say the burrito was prepackage good supplied by a third party vendor and what happened was unacceptable. the company says although they believe this is an isolated incident, they’ve removed all related product and have notified the vendor. Cynthia says she isn’t looking for any freebies. She just wants someone to take responsibility.

“It could’ve been someone with an allergy to latex, it could’ve been a child eating it and possibly choked on it. Numerous things could’ve happened and i guess im just glad it was me.” said Cynthia Corrigan.

Even though it wasn’t a good experience Cynthia says she’s happy with how it’s being handled. The company’s management team has been in direct contact with Cynthia since they got word of what happened.

Stripes also said they work hard to make sure customers receive safe and fresh food.

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 5.06.47 PM

A Texas woman found a latex glove finger in her 86 cent burrito. (WPTV)


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