It’s a “G” Thing: Two people overcome tragedy to find love together

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — “Who made the first move here?” Mr. G asked. “I made the first 16 moves!” Jordan laughed.


Jessica and Jordan found each other after facing similar obstacles (Pix11)

Meet Jessica and Jordan. They seem just like any other happily married couple. But their love story is far from a fairy tale.

This is a story about a newlywed couple who found each other after they both lost their significant others in the most tragic way.


Jessica married Jarronn in 2009 and were living the newlywed dream.

A couple months after exchanging their vows, Jarronn went out with his friends on his motorcycle. He got into an accident. “It wasn’t even that bad, it was just how he fell and where he landed. A freak accident,” Jessica recalled.

“You think that life is going to be a certain way and that you’re in the happiest phase of life,” Jessica said. “Then all of a sudden a tragedy strikes.”

But a tragedy that didn’t just strike once.


They never thought they would be able to find someone again, but 10 months later after meeting, they got married (PIX11)

Jordan got married to Danielle, also in 2009.

They spent 10 incredible months together before one morning Danielle felt ill. At first, they thought she might be pregnant. However, after they determined that wasn’t the case, Jordan took her to the hospital after several more days of pain.

The doctors found out she had fluid around her heart. She continued to get worse. A few days later, the doctors were finally able to diagnose Danielle’s condition. Cancer.

And not just any cancer. But a very rare type of cancer called “Primary Cardiac Angiosarcoma.” Danielle battled 10 more months before passing away.


A week after Danielle died, one of Jordan’s friends sent him a link to Jessica’s blog.

“I didn’t event click on it because I really didn’t care what it had to say at that moment.” Jordan remembered.

But a year and half later, he came across her name again and decided to reach out to her on Facebook. “It was just a super generic greeting, you know. You don’t want to be a stalker,” Jordan said.

After a few weeks of exchanging messages, Jessica was living in DC at the time, and Jordan decided to go visit her. He told her he was visiting friends, but really he just went to go see her.

From there, they took the time to share their stories, and their relationship began to develop stronger and stronger each day.


Ten months later, they were ready to exchange their vows.

“I just never thought I would wake up one morning and be thinking about someone else,” Jordan said. ” But after that second date, the next morning I woke up and I couldn’t get Jessica off my mind.”

“We had Danielle’s and Jarronn’s families there and even included them in the ceremony,” Jessica described. “We talked about how having relationships with them helped us be the person the other fell in love with.”

Mr. G 1

This is one Valentine’s day they will never forget (PIX11)

They are currently in their 8 month of marriage, living in Harlem.

“So what are your plans for Valentines day?” Mr. G asks.

“We’re watching House of Cards Season 2 on Netflix. That is if I get a vote” Jordan said.

“Often times the story just isn’t over,”  Jessica said. “It feels that way, but it isn’t and it takes patience;  it takes perseverance.”




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