The Underwoods return with ‘House of Cards’ Season 2

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Kevin Spacey reprises his role as Frank Underwood in the second season of House of Cards

NEW YORK (PIX11) – With the second season of “House of Cards” set to begin at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday, fans of the smash Netflix hit are giddy for the next chapter.

Peter Russo. Gone. The Evil Francis Underwood is vice president.

Then the screens went blank and left a painful year to wait for the second season. Singing on a television show as Netflix has given us the ability to do (Orange is The New Black) is terrible for those of us who need to know about everything right now.

So about the second season there is a whole boatload of unresolved tension. There’s the tension between Robin Wright’s Clare Underwood with her now vice president husband. There’s Kate Mara’s Zoe Barnes, an ambitious journalist who did everything she could to ensure that Francis Underwood, Kevin Spacey, was a source for her in Season one. At the end, Barnes, her boyfriend, Lucas, her former editor, all who catch the trail on what exactly caused Russo to fall off the wagon and eventually die. Hooker with a heart Christina Gallagher, who has been receiving hush money from inside the Underwood camp about her dalliances with Russo. Exactly how much will trickle out about Underwood’s involvement in Russo’s alleged suicide.

With Clare coming into her own and developing into a Lady MacBeth as we enter season two, it’s interesting to see what is going to happen with the dynamic with her now vice president husband. ¬†Clare’s looking out for herself, and everyone else is looking out for themselves, it’s going to come down to which person’s the most sneaky and finds ways to take down the rest. It’s a rat race with a lot of skeletons headed out of the closet.

President Barack Obama as for a favor from viewers around the world: No spoilers, please. Good luck with that, buddy

The new season comes live on Netflix Feb. 14 at 3 a.m. ET.

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