SEE IT: ‘Last sighting’ of LI dad who vanished Father’s Day weekend [EXCLUSIVE]

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WEST BABYLON, Long Island(PIX11) – News exclusively obtained the surveillance images showing the “last sighting” of Dix Hills dad, Robert Mayer, who disappeared this past Father’s Day weekend in 2013.

“His face looks stressed,” his wife, Ida, said tearfully to PIX 11.  “He has a vein that’s popping out of his head.  And it doesn’t look like him.  Something was wrong.”

Mayer, a 46-year-old electrician with Local 3 in New York City, vanished on June 14th, 2013, not long after he finished his shift working at the “Theatre for a New Audience” in Brooklyn.

His red, Pontiac GTO was found parked the next day at the Deer Park LIRR train station, about two miles from his home.  A couple of days later, Suffolk police learned Mayer had stopped at Arrow Scrap in West Babylon to sell metal from his Brooklyn job site.  The surveillance images, obtained by PIX 11 News, show Mayer in the ATM room, cashing in his ticket to get $300 for the material.

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Mayer, a 46-year-old electrician with Local 3 in New York City, vanished on June 14th, 2013, not long after he finished his shift working at the “Theatre for a New Audience” in Brooklyn.

PIX 11 spoke to Ida Mayer as Valentine’s Day approached, the eight month anniversary of her husband’s disappearance.  She said it was the first time they’d spent the holiday apart in twenty years.

“I wish he knew how I felt,”  the wife cried.  “I didn’t even realize it.  I took him for granted.”

The couple had been living in Dix Hills for 18 years, when Mayer disappeared.  The electrician had been working on their large home all that time, and they’d finally started to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Robert and Ida Mayer have a 15 year old son and 11 year old daughter.

Ida Mayer told PIX 11 she thought she heard her husband’s car arriving home shortly before 3 pm last June 14th, when she was down the block at her mother’s house.  But when she got home, she didn’t find Robert Mayer’s car in the garage.  She did find a lot of other personal items, though.

Opening up a closet door, she pointed to the spot where she discovered his wallet.  Another drawer held the $300 in cash, later tied to the Arrow Scrap center.  On the floor, Mayer’s tool bag was filled with his supplies, along with two, new pairs of eyeglasses he’d recently purchased.

last sighting

“His face looks stressed,” his wife, Ida, said tearfully to PIX 11. “He has a vein that’s popping out of his head. And it doesn’t look like him. Something was wrong.”

About two weeks later, a neighbor’s surveillance camera revealed the top of Mayer’s car pulling into the driveway last June 14th, about 2:41 pm, and then leaving ten minutes later.  The camera does not reveal who was inside the car.  Shortly after the surveillance footage was discovered, Ida Mayer and a friend did more searching in the garage and found her husband’s cell phone in another drawer.

Detective Sergeant John O’Sullivan of the 2nd Squad said Suffolk police have been traveling for clues from Brooklyn to Montauk.  “We’ve utilized our Aviation Unit for overhead air searches and our Canine Unit for ground searches,” O’Sullivan noted.  “Grid searches have been done on the Pilgrim State Psychiatric ground facility, which isn’t far from here.  We’ve entered Robert Mayer into the national database for missing persons.”

A source told PIX 11 investigators have looked at various scenarios:  Did Robert Mayer owe money?  Did he have substance abuse issues?  His wife insists there was nothing wrong that she knew of.   “My husband didn’t have a double life,” she told PIX 11.  When we asked if he might have kept secrets from her, she responded, “I don’t know.  Nothing that would cause this.”

Mayer’s wife was often weepy in our recent interview, and so was her mother, Nicoletta D’Angelo.

“I love him so much, he’s like my son, from the beginning,” D’Angelo told PIX 11.  “And very sweet.”

Ida Mayer said it’s hard to hold on to hope that her husband is still alive, because he never wanted to be away from his family.  She doesn’t think he was suicidal.

“Someone out there is involved with something, and they think they got away with it,” Mayer said, “but what they don’t know: I won’t stop.  I will keep searching for him until I find him, and I will get my answers.”

Anyone with information about Robert Mayer is asked to call the Suffolk County Police 2nd Squad at (631) 854-8252 and ask for Detective Jason Paglino.

Mayer’s wife has offered a $10,000 reward for information that leads to his whereabouts.

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