Mayor de Blasio explains why he kept NYC schools OPEN during another snow storm

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — With another snow storm pummeling New York City, making roads and sidewalks treacherous, many have the same question for Mayor Bill de Blasio: Why are public schools open — again?

Although parents, teachers and students are blasting the decision, de Blasio is standing by it. “The Sanitation Department was able to get out there all night and get ready for this,” de Blasio said while shoveling outside his home in Park Slope. “Roads will be in pretty good shape so we thought it was right to go ahead with school.”

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Mayor de Blasio said the Department of Sanitation was able to clear streets and that the roads are in “pretty good shape.”

De Blasio also described the snow as “pretty easy to shovel,” saying it was not totally powdery and “certainly not wet and heavy” — a statement PIX11 meteorologist Linda Church disagrees with.

“This is a very heavy, wet snow,” Linda says. The type of snow that falls depends on how cold it is, Linda explains, and how much moisture is in the air. “The problem is, this is a powerful Nor’easter and has plenty of moisture.”

De Blasio also assured that the city is fully stocked with salt and other supplies for the storm. “We had a chance to rebound. We thought we would have a big storm last weekend, thankfully we did not.”

When asked if the city is fully ready for this latest blast from Mother Nature, de Blasio said, “Yes, we feel great. The Sanitation Department is doing an amazing job.”


  • S.I. teacher

    Worse Mayor Ever in NY!!!!_Staten Island Schools are NOT all plowed…Teachers, students and parent s are put in jeopardy over this decision. BAD BAD decision!_No more votes for this clown._And BTW the snow is not heavy???? where are you shoveling? indoors?_He is telling everyone to stay off the road? Excluding teachers, students and bus drivers!!!

  • essa

    What a jerk! He is the worst mayor! Putting childre n and staff at risk is ridiculous! Quit being a puppet for your ahole wife!

  • anonymous

    I don’t think I support this mayor anymore. Is he serious? The weather is just horrible outside. Nonsense!!! He must have stayed in doors and does not know what it feels like. This was not a fair decision at all.

  • not happy

    students are not even being educated today, it is a babysitting day for the teachers and a movie day for the students??

  • Raja

    The mayor is wrong and he knows it. But he is too afraid to admit that he's made a mistake keeping the schools open. He is stumbling for responses to reporters' questions. "Kids need a hot lunch. Parents need to go to work. We did the best with the information that we had. " He doesn't acknowledge the poor condition of the roads or the school buses sliding around putting small children and other drivers at risk. I also feel bad for the poor teachers who have to go babysit kids who won't learn anything in school.

    Man up mayor and admit that you were WRONG in your decision.

  • Marj Kuhn

    Can you just imagine if it were Christie rather than Bill D at this news conference! Numbnuts and are you stupid would be flying all over the place.

  • Marie

    He should have just said listen: “everyday that school is open we get state money” so screw the safety of the kids and anyone traveling, its all about the money!!!!

  • Guest

    What a joke for a mayor! NY you definitely got it wrong this time! What an arrogant fool – he is putting people's lives at risk!

  • JesStuart

    The Mayor says schools are open to help the parents, but you cancel after school program. We depend on those just as much, some even more. Schools cover us from 8am-3pm and most people work until 5pm, so who's covering us for the extra 2 hrs or does everyone get to leave work early? That's Frustrating….

  • Elaine

    This is the most irresponsible decision anyone could have made. You have put children, parents, teachers, bus drivers and all workers at risk. On top of it, defending your position on the basis of miscalculated weather predictions is an absolute crock. Everyone knew as of last night what to expect. Getting to school in the morning was a big enough challenge for all. Even if you could claim that you misjudged the severity of the weather system in the morning, you certainly couldn't claim such an ignorant prediction for the afternoon return from school. By the way, isn't it a little bit of a contradiction to say "Don't get in your cars if you don't have to". You put parents who drive their kids to school in a very difficult position. And Chancellor Farina, this snowstorm was only unpredictable to you. This terrible weather system came just as predicted. The only bad prediction was yours,

  • Guest

    He's an idiot. Why doesn't he do his job @ City Hall instead of shoveling? I have to pay somebody to shovel…and pay a babysitter for my children because the public schools are opened. Can't he get someone to shovel?

  • S Mcevoy

    Having spent the last 3 days in NYC I think the new mayor should be ashamed of himself. It was by far the worst snow removal attempt I have ever seen. Crossing streets and walking on sidewalks was positively dangerous !!! I anticipate tens of milli

  • nicol

    LOL- and his outdated chancellor says its a beautiful day out right now. So far the safety and nutrition of the children lets put them in danger by sending them and the teachers and the parents out at the peak of the storm. We get what we vote for- I hope he is not going to be as bad as he sounds.

  • Isabel Felix

    I applaud your decision to keep schools open today. I believe that if other children in other parts of the world can walk miles to attend school, my child can also make it in to school on a snowy day. Way to go!Education is important don’t matter what mother nature decides.

  • Kyle Robets

    why couldn't anybody who disagreed with the mayor, make a decision for their own family and (KEEP THEIR KIDS HOME) like I did . I wasn't going to send them out on a day like to day ,so I didn't. end of story. I had to make it to work in this weather, so boo hoo for the teachers who had to do the same . plus I don't get the whole summer off. New yorkers are such babies, always whining and wanting somebody to think for them. That's why NY is a nannie state. you people need your hands held for every decision.

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