Massachusetts boy gets tongue stuck to flag pole a la “A Christmas Story”

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EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (PIX11) – ‘You’ll shoot your eye out kid’ — or nearly lose your tongue, like one boy who learned a lesson taught in “A Christmas Story” the hard way.

It was 8 a.m. on Wednesday when the Easthampton Fire Department (located about 15 miles north of Springfield, Mass.) took a call about a middle school boy with his tongue stuck to a flagpole.

Chief David A. Mottor told the Daily Hampshire Gazette that he “hoped it wasn’t his kid.”

Fire Captain Kevin Benson speculated that the young boy saw “A Christmas Story” and thought he’d give the tongue trick a go. He was freed with a few buckets of warm water. Teachers shielded the boy during the rescue mission while other students were arriving on buses.

Chief Mottor said this wasn’t the first tongue-on-pole issue he’s had during his career, the last one apparently involved teenagers and a chain link fence, the paper said.

“I wouldn’t recommend putting your tongue on anything metal for the rest of the winter,” Mottor said.

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