WATCH IT: Subway clerk goes on tirade, flips double bird at straphanger

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — An enraged MTA subway clerk was caught on camera flipping off a straphanger after allegedly getting into a screaming match with an elderly woman.

Johnathan Pillot recorded clerk Stephen C. Herbert giving him two middle fingers and refusing to serve him at the West 4th Street station Tuesday. Pillot, who is a film director, said he began recording the angry worker when he saw him call an elderly woman an “idiot” when she inquired about a senior-citizen free ride ticket. Pillot said the woman appeared to be in her late 70s to 80s.

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Herbert allegedly called an elderly woman an “idiot,” prompting Pillot to being recoding him.

“Take as much as you want,” Herbert says as he flips over the camera. Pillot asks for $10 to be added to his MetroCard, to which Herbert replies, “You curse me, I don’t have to do it.”

“I’ve been riding the subways all my life,” Pillot told the Daily News. “Never have I seen anything like that by a subway employee…You just don’t treat people that way.”

Transport Workers Union president John Samuelsen weighed in on the incident, saying, “Through it all, we shine through with the utmost professionalism. But when a customer curses us out for just doing our job, of course there will be rare instances when we express our frustration.”

Pillot said the woman never used obscenities towards Hebert.
The MTA says they are investigating the incident.
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