Several people dead after winter storm blasts South

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Another Winter Storm Affects Atlanta Area

The latest snow storm cruising through US east coast  has paralyzed busy cities such as Atlanta. (Photo: Getty Images)

ATLANTA (CNN) — Several people have died after a winter storm devastated southeastern states on Wednesday, according officials.

Two people have died in North Carolina due to an ongoing winter storm, Gov. Pat McCrory said.  In addition, two people have died in Georgia, said Sasha Dlugolenski, a spokeswoman for Gov. Nathan Deal. Only one of those deaths is confirmed to be weather related.

Meanwhile, the message in these southern states as an ice storm swept through Wednesday was simple: Get off the roads, and stay off.

The warnings came as freezing rain brought heavy ice accumulations from Atlanta to Charlotte, where some of the Southeast’s most populous cities were at a standstill. Hundreds of thousands were without power, and thousands of flights were canceled.

As was the case in Raleigh, North Carolina, where cars were stuck for hours on roadways.

Similar to last month’s ‘snowpocalypse,’ drivers in Atlanta abandoned streets and highways likening it to a scene from a AMC television show ‘Walking Dead.”

Calling ice the biggest enemy of the South, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal ordered schools canceled and government offices shuttered in an attempt to avoid a repeat of a storm last month that paralyzed the city.

Up to three-quarters of an inch of ice was expected to accumulate in Atlanta and up to 10 inches of snow and sleet in Charlotte, making travel treacherous.

While most of the major thoroughfares in and out of the city of Atlanta were reportedly devoid of traffic, a different scene was playing out to the northeast where the storm moved in faster than expected.

“Stay home, if you can,” North Carolina’s Department of Public Safety said in posts on Twitter. “Quickly deteriorating road conditions, numerous car accidents in Durham/Franklin/Johnston/Wake counties.”

For some, there just wasn’t enough time.

This crisis map details the areas expected to be affected by the ongoing winter storm and possible evacuation areas in southern states.

On Twitter users created #SnowpocalypsePartTwo and #Snowpocalypse to vent about the conditions or mock at how southern states are handling the snow.

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