Snow plow FLATTENS pedestrian with massive wall of snow [VIDEO]

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BRIGHTON BEACH, Brooklyn (PIX11) – A pedestrian was recorded being obliterated by the wake of a speeding plow while slogging through the snow early Wednesday.

The incident took place in front of JM Legend Auto Group on Coney Island Ave. around 5:17 a.m., according to surveillance footage.

One plow can be seen driving past the person at a reasonable rate, with snow barely coming to his feet.  That plow, however, is followed by another one that appears to be driving much faster.

The plow’s huge wave of dirty snow and debris knocks the pedestrian to the ground.  The snow hit with such force that it broke one of the showroom windows, according to the auto body group’s YouTube description.

Incredibly, the pedestrian pops up immediately after being flattened.

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