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Storm is finished, but now we’re stuck with all that ice

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PIX 11 WEATHER CENTER — The threat of more icing has gone down in the city and farther south as temperatures have risen above freezing, but winter storm warnings remain in effect for upstate New York, northern New Jersey and the North Shore of Long Island through 6 p.m.

Snowfall totaled around 4 inches in the city, and less to the south, but accumulated as much as a foot up north. Icing amounts have been around .25 for the city. A few locales in New Jersey got as much as .40 of an inch.


Even though the storm is moving away, we are not completely out of the woods. There could be a few lingering snow showers through this evening. Temperatures will dip below freezing, which may make driving and walking conditions potentially hazardous, especially if surfaces have been left untreated.



  • D

    The ice storm is crazy and our mayor is even more insane keeping schools open and telling people that they should not drive the roads are dangerous. Our school bus drivers have to drive on those same roads he declares dangerous. Mr. Mayor come to Staten Island where we are always forgotten out roads are extremely dangerous you suspend garbage cause of the weather but our perilous children are force out onto these dangerous conditions tour the city. Put the children of New York first before you make poor decisions.

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