What you NEED to know about this weekend’s snowstorm

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This weather model, believed to be from Feb. of last year, had many believing 30 inches of snow would fall on New York City. (Facebook)

PIX11 WEATHER CENTER — Social media has been ablaze with talk of a major winter storm poised to hit the tri-state area this weekend.

An outdated weather map, that forecasted up to 30 inches of snow for Sunday into Monday, has been shared over 400,000 times on Facebook and sparked panic among a population that is tired and frustrated with the tough winter.

PIX11 weather producer Joe Punday says that although he cannot pinpoint exactly how and why the rumor began, he believes the map being circulated is from a storm that impacted the tri-state on Feb. 9 of 2013.

“This old model forecast was originally put out last year about a week before the Feb. 9th storm, in which it grossly overestimated the amount of snow for the city,” Joe says. He adds that after that storm, Central Park wound up getting just over 11 inches of snow.

As for the upcoming system, PIX11 meteorologist Linda Church says it has been grossly over hyped and it will not be as eventful as reports have indicated. The system appears to be moving out to sea.

Joe says that it is too soon to tell exactly how much snow will fall, but accumulation will be far less than 30 inches.

PIX11 will continue to monitor this storm as it draws closer.

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