LIVE BLOG: Winter storm is over — but now we’re stuck with ice

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  • letty

    Not happy with Mayor D decision to keep NYC schools open! Yet he says if you dont have to drive dont!!!!! Really?????

  • marysol

    ” Travel only in an emergency” ” hazardous road conditions” ” stay off the roads” oh but wait…city employees need to get to work cuz schools are open…what about their safety? How am I supposed to get my children to school safely? One bus almost ran off the street into train tracks on the last storm…think I trust the buses in ice?


    “If you do not need to use your car, don't use your car", de Blasio……BUT!!! let the NYC school kids travel my school buses….what a huge contradiction….it just doesn't make sense….WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SAFETY OF OUR KIDS!!!!

  • Melinda

    Public Schools are open. That doesn’t make any sense. The news caster’s are saying to stay off the roads. Mass transit is having a hard time also and most PUBLIC SCHOOL children use mass transit. So annoyed. Mom of 2 public school children…..

  • Jim Perry

    I am posting a comment to let everyone know about a great new product called Trac-Grabber that is designed to get vehicles unstuck from mud and snow under the vehicle's own power. It is very easy to use and very effective. They have a website called and you can also find them on facebook.

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