Jon Stewart ribs de Blasio over forkgate, snow removal in ‘Daily Show’ debut

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – It’s already been a very eventful year for new Bill de Blasio, and Jon Stewart had plenty of material to work with for the mayor’s ‘Daily Show’ debut.

Appropriately, Stewart jumped all over the accusations of de Blasio plowing the city according to his voter map during a January snowstorm, with residents of the Upper East Side crying foul.  As Stewart tosses to correspondent Aasif Mandvi on the Upper East Side he asks him how its looking after Monday’s storm.

Not good, Jon,” he says, with his head poking out of a snow bank. “It seems de Blasio’s plows are actively bringing snow in.”

When de Blasio takes the stage to loud applause, he tells Stewart he’s feeling good, but “I just wish we’d done a better job getting that snow up to the Upper East Side.”



The other recent scandal for fodder was of de Blasio’s own doing while eating pizza in a Staten Island restaurant — with a fork and knife.

As mayor of Napoli – I mean New York City — we are always ready for our pizza,” De Blasio joked, while taking a knife and fork out of the pocket of his jacket.  Stewart, who devoted an entire past episode to Donald Trump’s ill-fated NYC pizza adventure with Sarah Palin, opens a John’s pie and teaches the de Blasio the proper fold technique.

The two do find common ground in lampooning Bloomberg’s soda ban, as they give cheers — Stewart with a massive soda, and de Blasio with a regular sized one.

 “Oh, you are gigantic,” says Jon. “In his hands, it looks like a regular soda.”



The conversation turned to some of de Blasio’s other initiatives, such as the Central Park horse carriage ban, free universal pre-K and the end of stop-and-frisk.

When stewart asks de Blasio if an end to stop and frisk could mean an uptick in crime, as his critics suggest, the mayor responds:

Whenever you see a progressive moment, whenever you see progressive leaders come in to office, that charge is thrown in one way or another.”  He added, “People need a core hope in our society. They need a core amount of visible opportunity. And that’s been slipping away. So if you want to talk about destabilizing realities in our society, talk about inequality. But progressives can run governments effectively, progressives can be fiscally responsible, progressives can focus on public safety, but we’re going to do it in a way that respects people’s rights.”




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