Giants coach Tom Coughlin provides super experiences for families during big game week

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — It’s Super Bowl week in New York. For David Mohally and Natalie Masse rubbing elbows with gridiron legends at NFL great Ron Jaworski’s annual Super Bowl party is a way to celebrate the week in a way they never imagined.

“I think it’s making it real for us. We were just talking on our way here about how we haven’t really been getting as excited as we thought we would be and just being here really makes it real,” says Natalie.

Although it doesn’t seem like it as they peruse past the silent auction table or sample the hors d’oeuvres,  this young couple has faced greater challenges in recent years than any of those the players in the room tackled on the field.

The reason? Their two-year-old daughter Lea has been battling for her life since the age of six months.

“She had a brain tumor, it’s called an epemdymoma. She had it removed last May. She was six months old when it was removed and she started treatment.  She went through about 10 months of chemotherapy at St. Joseph’s hospital,” says Mohally.

How is she doing now?

“She is doing really well. She’s had time to recover from treatment,”says Natalie.

In the clear, but yet always on guard, David and Natalie are at this party because of the generosity of the Jay Fund.  The foundation by Giants Coach Tom Coughlin that through various connections Super Bowl week have had patients meet with NFL greats Drew Brees, hang out at the Fox Sports Studios in Time Square and even try on a Super Bowl ring.

As for some parents like David and Natalie, it has meant an unforgettable night out for themselves.

Former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski embraced the idea before the Jay Fund could even finish their pitch.  “This event has been sold out for almost a year.  If we could help those less fortunate like we’re doing tonight, raising money, bringing parents of kids who are having a difficult time and just kind of clearing their minds for a night, we feel we’ve accomplished something,”

As for David and Natalie? It allows them to enjoy what they rarely get, which Natalie says is a night to themselves, “Just being able to come out tonight and get dressed up and get away from everything is amazing.”