A solemn Gov. Christie questioned about Bridgegate, Super Bowl appearance

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – They warmed up by talking about the Super Bowl, but the conversation quickly moved from the Seahawks to the hard question over the Bridgegate scandal. It was the first time Governor Chris Christie has spoken about the scandal since the lawyer for a former Port Authority official claimed to have evidence showing Governor Chris Christie knew about the closures.

Christie once again told New Jersey that he has done nothing wrong.

“The most important issue is did I know anything about the plan to close these lanes, did I authorize it, did I know about it, did I approve it, did I have any knowledge of it beforehand, the answer is still the same, it’s unequivocally ‘No’,” said Christie.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie repeated his words from three weeks ago, stating again, over and over, that he did not know about the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

His appearance on “Ask the Governor” on New Jersey’s 101.5 came just two days after his Super Bowl appearance in Times Square where a Governor who once stood on top of the world looked solemn and faced some boos in the crowd.

In this radio interview, Christie said he learned about the bridgegate scandal when the media learned about it.

On Monday, lawmakers were due documents demanded by subpoenas issued in the aftermath. Christie said his office was cooperating, “The Governor’s Office was asked to produce some things today, we did not ask for an extension. We’re working as hard as we can,” said Christie.

In a statement, the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie said:

“Sadly, as predicted, Governor Christie was not interested in answering the pressing questions that New Jerseyans have about the serious failures and potential illegalities of his administration. And, unfortunately, now there are more new questions.”

Christie said in the interview that more firings could be on the way.

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