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Governor Christie booed at local politician gathering on Super Bowl Boulevard

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — The day before the big game, local politicians including  Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Chris Christie and Mayor Bill de Blasio gathered at Super Bowl Boulevard for the annual Super Bowl Hand-off.

The politicians handed off the reigns of the Super Bowl to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, where the game will be played next year.

Amidst the cheers, there were some boos for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

While there was some heckling for just about everyone, there was a whole lot more heckling and some boos for embattled Gov. Christie who is facing new allegations of the Bridgegate scandal.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also faced cheers and booing from the crowd.

It was a press conference to hand over the Super Bowl.

Just like there will be on the field tomorrow, there were ups and downs on the stage.

Afterwards Gov. Christie would not take any questions.

It wasn’t all boos for the Garden State governor, he received cheers of support as well.