Utah school trashes lunches of schoolkids in debt

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT (PIX11) – A Utah elementary school is taking heat Thursday for taking away lunches from students whose parents fell behind on payments.

Roughly 40 students at Uintah Elementary School had their lunches taken away and thrown in the trash — all in front of other students.  They were then given fruit and milk to eat instead.

The communications director for the Salt Lake City School District, Jason Olsen, told Fox 13 that, on Monday and Tuesday, school officials called parents who had fallen behind on payments to warn them lunches would be taken away.

Uintah school in Utah throws away school lunches of kids behind in payments

Parents are outraged after a Salt Lake City elementary school seized and threw away the lunches of children whose parents weren’t up to date on payments. (Image/FOX 13)

Olsen said students are also regularly warned in the lunch line if their balance is low, and that they are sent home with notes to their parents every Monday.

The school is now investigating why some parents claim they weren’t notified, and said they were shocked to find out about Uintah Elementary’s actions.

“We understand the feelings of upset parents and students who say this was an embarrassing and humiliating situation,” Olsen wrote in the statement.  “We again apologize and commit to working with parents in rectifying this situation and to ensuring students are never treated in this manner again.”