Massive 36-pound cat named ‘Meatball’ dropped off at shelter

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Meatball the cat is 36 pounds

Meatball the cat weights in at a jolly 36 pounds. (Facebook)

MARICOPA, Arizona (PIX11) – He’s certainly not covered in cheese, though he might like to be.

Meatball, a cat that was shuffled between homes now takes up residence at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control’s East Valley Animal Care Center in Mesa weights in at 36 pounds, one of the largest cats to every weigh in at a shelter.

Meatball is affectionate and loving, but sadly cannot fit in one of the shelters cages and gets his own roomy office until he loses the weight. The medical and volunteer staff at the shelter is keeping a very close eye on his health.

Meatball is “the biggest cat I have ever seen,” said Melissa Gable of the MCACC told FOX 8 in Cleveland.

Meatball the cat tips the scales at 36 pounds and is not available for general adoption; the shelter is looking to place him in a program that specializes in overweight cats on special diets.


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