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The PIX11 News team brings you complete coverage  of the lead-up  to Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium.

PIX11 News February 2, 201410:19 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 201410:07 PM

It’s been fun friends, good night and good luck. And avoid Secaucus

PIX11 News February 2, 201410:07 PM

Linebacker Malcolm Smith is your MVP, making me wrong and becoming the third linebacker in history to win the Super Bowl MVP award.

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:55 PM

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS and this blogger guesses your MVP is Russell Wilson

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:52 PM

And Wes Welker will be used to this after the last two years, though his performance in tonight’s game was good. 

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:46 PM

There’s an old phrase that says defense wins ballgames. Seattle just destroyed the Broncos today and kept Peyton out of the pocket so he couldn’t get any throws. And it’s what won them the game.

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:44 PM

The trophy has arrived. Pete Carroll is salivating.

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:41 PM

Because it’s Hillary

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:39 PM

Richard Sherman out with a bad ankle. I’m sure that shiny ring will take the pain away.

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:36 PM

So here’s some more funny!!

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:30 PM

The touchdown celebrating dog! 

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:29 PM

Sir Patrick, doing what he does :)

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:24 PM

With that score for the Seahawks the football Gods giveth, the football gods taketh aaway. 43-8. Seattle.

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:22 PM

So if you play fantasy football, you should pick Russell Wilson next year ASAP. Seriously

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:18 PM

I wouldn’t put it past the guy. It’s not a bad idea

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:16 PM

So we’re starting the 4th, just 12 minutes for the Broncos to pull off a miracle. But it’s not impossible.

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:12 PM


PIX11 News February 2, 20149:06 PM

Uh oh

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:04 PM

Well, 36-0 Seattle. We can play scrabble? Tic tac toe? Go grab a beer. Denver is just so overmatched it’s terrrible

PIX11 News February 2, 20149:02 PM

At least he’s learning young

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:59 PM

The Broncos are overmatched. If the Hawks score here, you can put a fork in this game.

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:55 PM

That was a gorgeous pass by Peyton Manning that was ruined by his own team. 

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:51 PM

And that America, is why I hate those plays. So easy to read by the defense. Either way, it would not surprise me if many have tuned the game out. You can never keep a manning down

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:46 PM

Denver punts. Seattle gets the  ball back. I can take questions? On twitter at @Lizzy_Nielsen

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:43 PM

29-0. Seahawk Richard Sherman isn’t happy about the no pass interference call. 

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:38 PM

Oh ow Richard Sherman

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:36 PM

Well, I can start telling stories of my youth. Dumb things I did in my 20s. Because I don’t want to destroy your spirit

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:34 PM

Peyton not happy

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:31 PM

Welcome back! I loved Bruno Mars, but I’m youngish and silly. Here we are for kickoff. And then that happened.

PIX11 News February 2, 20148:04 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:58 PM

Halftime 22-0 Seattle. Enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars!

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:54 PM


PIX11 News February 2, 20147:53 PM

If you’re Denver here, you put up 3. Don’t get fancy and go for it on 4th, when you’re about to hit halftime and you’ve got no points on the board, like last call at the bar, take what you can get

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:52 PM

This Seattle defense is going to be the death of Denver. I’m not ruling out a miracle, but they will need one.

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:48 PM

Two minutes left in the half, Denver’s got two time outs and they’re inside the 30. It ain’t over. Seriously people. 

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:47 PM

So this might also be for real, and that would be cool for that guy

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:42 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:42 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:40 PM

Though it is no surprise that a Manning is playing like garbage at MetLife. It’s what they do. 22-0 Seattle.

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:38 PM

And sometimes I am right. And America, we have a large man touchdown. 

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:37 PM

Third and 13. No way. Not again

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:37 PM

Screen passes are the worst. Peyton’s momentum getting killed

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:35 PM

Three straight third down conversions. The Broncos are awake

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:33 PM

Wes Welker catches a huge pass. As a Patriots fan, saw that coming.

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:31 PM

Yes. Converted a screen. I hate screen plays.

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:31 PM

Another key third down ….. is possibly converted?

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:29 PM

Well, there’s some life for the Broncos being able to convert a 3rd down. 

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:23 PM

And there it goes. 15-0 Seattle. But I reiterate. This is not over.

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:22 PM

Some stupid penalties, some awesome work by Marshawn Lynch and the Sea Birds are on the brink again.

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:21 PM

Somewhat related

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:20 PM

World’s most adorable irritable cat, Grumpy Cat, coming in on the side of Denver

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:16 PM

We are reaching the end of the first Q. Seahawks dominate 8-0. Back soon

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:13 PM

While it looks like Seattle is laying the proverbial smackdown, but this isn’t over. Peyton Manning never says die.

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:10 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:03 PM

See, third and goal. Denver holding things down and with my big mouth this is when Seattle throws up 6

PIX11 News February 2, 20147:01 PM

Heck of a throw by Wilson, bringing the Hawks inside the 5. Denver’s goalline defense is not ba

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:58 PM

So it turns out that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wants to play doctor

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:52 PM

The Seattle defense is proving to be no joke. But this isn’t over on any level. There is no quarterback, possibly in the history of the game who can make adjustments and beat you at your own game than Peyton. Look for later in the half or in the second

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:47 PM

No bueno:

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:46 PM

If you had 5-0 in a square in any square. You are lying.

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:45 PM


PIX11 News February 2, 20146:43 PM

The flag is out. I’m thinking it’s a wasted challenge and time out. But also, sometimes I am wrong.

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:43 PM

Found this on Twitter. I call it “What it looks like to see a bad snap coming at you”

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:42 PM

Do you go for it …. Though I guess the Broncos are pretty solid against the run

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:37 PM

Welp, Pete Carroll is telling me no. That has happened before.

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:36 PM

If any of y’all out there have DVR and want to send me derpy shots of what’s going on on the field, I’ll love you forever. Find me at Twitter.

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:34 PM

First play of the game is a Safety for Seattle. If you picked that to happen, you’re lying. The snap just got away from Peyton

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:33 PM

A non impressive return for Denver, looks like the squeaked past the 13, but now it’s time for Dr. Manning

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:29 PM

Seattle wins the toss, opts to kick (so they can’t get the ball in the second half. It’s not uncommon) FOOTBALL!!!

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:28 PM

How did Wes Welker get to be a Broncos captain?!!

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:25 PM

The players who will definitely not be playing tonight are outfitted in moon man style jackets. Will try to get a photo

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:22 PM

Taking the under on the Anthem (2:00)

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:19 PM

And Denver ignores Rocky Mountain High. *facepalm*

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:17 PM

Would have been way awesome if Seattle had played Phish or Nirvana coming out of the tunnel.

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:16 PM

And please pay attention to Joe Buck. For all the ragging on him that I’ve done since the beginning of time, he’s really one of the best announcers of this generation. And don’t throw pizza at him.

PIX11 News February 2, 20146:05 PM

Pregame: Seahawks, how do you stop Peyton? Denver: Your defense against the run is among the best in the league. How will you handle a running team like Seattle?

PIX11 News February 2, 20145:58 PM

so I guess that’s what happened to all the kittens in the kitten bowl

PIX11 News February 2, 20145:56 PM

Friends, relations, my name is Lizzy and I will be your live blogger for Super Bowl New Jersey New York this evening. Football rules and so does America and there’s nothing that represents both better than the Super Bowl. I can be reached at @lizzy_nielsen on twitter or in the comments here. Give me some material :)

PIX11 News February 2, 20145:44 PM

The CEO of Microsoft weights in on his Super Bowl pick

PIX11 News February 2, 20145:40 PM

Gotta give them points for enthusiasm√

alyssazaudererpix11 February 2, 20145:30 PM

Kori Chambers tested out Google Glass at MetLife Stadium

#PIX11Bowl @WPIX #googleglass

A post shared by Kori Chambers (@korionair) on

alyssazaudererpix11 February 2, 20145:28 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20145:25 PM

Just some of the madness in Secaucus

PIX11 News February 2, 20145:22 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20145:12 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20144:29 PM

I was so sure there was no more of these in existence. But Tim Tebow lives forever

PIX11 News February 2, 20144:26 PM

Hey look! They charge more for refreshments than Yankee Stadium!

PIX11 News February 2, 20144:22 PM

These two most likely had the longest trip to E. Rutherford of anyone

PIX11 News February 2, 20144:09 PM

PIX11 News February 2, 20144:01 PM

Check out more of the BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

PIX11 News February 2, 20143:53 PM

The man from Detroit who won both the MVP and the Cy Young in the same season is apparently a Seahawks fan

PIX11 News February 2, 20143:42 PM

Nice work, CBS. I imagine that one got changed pretty quickly. At least they didn’t make their password “password.”

PIX11 News February 2, 20143:38 PM


PIX11 News February 2, 20143:24 PM

I’ve never been a Peyton Manning kind of girl, but Hello Omaha

Jeremy Tanner February 2, 201411:06 AM

It may be time to rename a bird of prey.

Jeremy Tanner February 2, 201411:03 AM

Checkout MetLife Stadium — the calm before the Super Bowl.

Jeremy Tanner February 2, 201411:02 AM

Jeremy Tanner February 2, 201411:00 AM

Relive a season that came down to a gridiron collision between the Seahawks and the Broncos — as told by outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman.

Jeremy Tanner February 2, 20148:27 AM

PIX11 has live coverage from the Super Bowl site with the big game just hours away! WATCH NOW:

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20148:34 PM

Take a look at the Bronco’s locker room

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20147:58 PM

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial: “A Hero’s Welcome”

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20147:31 PM

Tim Tebow shows you what you can do with #nocontract

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20146:36 PM

Local politicians gather on Super Bowl Boulevard for annual Super Bowl hand-off. 

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20146:05 PM

Who do you think will win?

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20145:03 PM

Seahawks pride from Seattle to New York!

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20145:02 PM

Do you recognize these locations?

alyssazaudererpix11 February 1, 20143:53 PM

PIX11 News January 31, 201410:44 PM

PIX11 News January 31, 201410:36 PM

The two coolest men on earth

PIX11 News January 31, 201410:28 PM

Hey, look who’s still hanging out in Times Square

PIX11 News January 31, 201410:17 PM

John Legend vs. Mary J. Blige

PIX11 News January 31, 201410:12 PM

That’s John Mayer

PIX11 News January 31, 20149:44 PM

PIX11 News January 31, 20148:32 PM

PIX11 News January 31, 20148:26 PM

The AP has put together a really wonderful gallery of every Super Bowl ticket in the modern area. Some of the artwork on the early years is gorgeous.

PIX11 News January 31, 20148:19 PM

The bathroom: Sponsored by XBox One

PIX11 News January 31, 20148:12 PM

This actually happened

PIX11 News January 31, 20147:51 PM

Lights are ready to roll at MetLife

PIX11 News January 31, 20147:15 PM

Poor Wes Welker. Maybe this year will be better

PIX11 News January 31, 20147:10 PM

Cam Newton perfecting the photobomb

PIX11 News January 31, 20147:04 PM

The Simpsons didn’t predict the Super Bowl and here’s why.

PIX11 News January 31, 20145:23 PM

In what might be Peyton Manning’s finest moment on television, let us take a look back at the 2011 United Way skit and learn how Peyton treats a snitch.

rolandopujolwpix January 31, 20144:19 PM

What are they doing this year to prevent another Super Outage like last year’s in New Orleans? The Star Ledger has the story:

rolandopujolwpix January 31, 20144:12 PM

This Doritos commercial has a lot of viral crunch. It has our vote among the commercials Doritos put up for public vote. Which one will win and air on the Super Bowl? Hmmm. See the the full list of the finalists HERE.

Ashley Edwards January 31, 201411:32 AM

Ashley Edwards January 31, 201411:31 AM

Ashley Edwards January 31, 201411:30 AM

PIX11 News January 30, 201410:22 PM

PIX11 News January 30, 201410:20 PM

PIX11 News January 30, 201410:15 PM

PIX11 News January 30, 20148:26 PM

Drew Brees with the fashion faux paus.

PIX11 News January 30, 20148:13 PM

PIX11 News January 30, 20148:09 PM

Party on, New York!

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20148:04 PM

From the Daily News: “The Muppets have already taken Manhattan, and now it appears they’re
determined to get their furry hands (and paws) on the new 2014 Toyota

PIX11 News January 30, 20147:25 PM

*Cue Jaws music*

PIX11 News January 30, 20147:22 PM

PIX11 News January 30, 20144:52 PM

The picks that matter are officially in. The puppies have picked the winner of Sunday’s game. Check it out.

PIX11 News January 30, 20144:23 PM

Had enough Richard Sherman? Nooooo, you haven’t. Here’s Miss Piggy and Kermit doing a fabulous recreation.

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20144:12 PM

Behind the scenes of the Anna Kendrick Newcastle Brown Ale ad

PIX11 News January 30, 20144:09 PM

Puppy Bowl preview! Everybody: awwwwwwwww

PIX11 News January 30, 20143:49 PM

It’s not uncommon knowledge that New Yorkers have a touchy relationship with baseball and football announcer extraordinaire Joe Buck. See them try and work out it 

PIX11 News January 30, 20143:41 PM

More from Mr. Gray: Peyton schooling America on how to execute a high five

PIX11 News January 30, 20143:40 PM

Sports Illustrated’s stellar Andy Gray found these retro photos of the Manning brothers.

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20142:57 PM

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 5.04.55 PM

While Eli the Super Bowl-predicting orangutan is still going in Utah, folks closer to home earlier this month mourned the loss of another animal with a knack for calling the game — Princess the camel.

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20142:50 PM

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20142:48 PM

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20142:47 PM

Want to feel old? The infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction happened 10 years ago! Rolling Stone revisits the saga also known as Nipplegate:

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20142:26 PM

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah ape that has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner for six straight years is predicting the Seattle Seahawks will be the next NFL champion.

Erica Hansen of Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City says Eli the ape ran into an enclosure Thursday and swiftly knocked down a papier-mache helmet bearing the Seahawks logo, signaling his pick. She says there was no hesitation.

That could mean bad news for Broncos fans. The 13-year-old primate hasn’t been wrong since 2006.

Last year, Eli charged out and knocked over a papier-mache goal post decorated with the Ravens logo. Sure enough, the Ravens beat the 49ers 34-31.

rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20142:10 PM

To all our friends from around the country visiting New York for the Big Game, the Daily News has compiled a nifty 13-point guide to how to tawk like a Noo Yawkah.


rolandopujolwpix January 30, 20142:04 PM

Not a fan of the Super Bowl? There’s always something during the game that makes the ordeal tolerable for the non-fanatic. The New York Post has a great list of 9 moments in Super Bowl history that had great non-fan appeal.

alyssazaudererpix11 January 30, 20141:32 PM

PIX11’s Joe Mauceri in the FanZone at Newark Airport

alyssazaudererpix11 January 30, 20141:21 PM

Drew Brees explains to kids how to save in life

alyssazaudererpix11 January 30, 201412:43 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 30, 201411:25 AM

PIX11’s Kori Chambers and Super Bowl contributor Terrell Owens flex on set Thursday morning.

alyssazaudererpix11 January 30, 201411:22 AM

Penn Station is ready, are you?

PIX11 News January 29, 20149:27 PM

DeShawn Jackson IS the man

PIX11 News January 29, 20149:16 PM

For the Denver fans

PIX11 News January 29, 20148:40 PM

PIX11 News January 29, 20148:18 PM

Get your tissues out

PIX11 News January 29, 20148:15 PM

Jordin Sparks and Selena Gomez’s rumored boytoy

PIX11 News January 29, 20147:55 PM

Reenacting the Budweiser Commercial

PIX11 News January 29, 20147:37 PM


PIX11 News January 29, 20145:38 PM

Knicks fans should remember the Nate Robinson era fondly (or not). He is a huge Seahawks fan. And uses a fruit to preview the game in a snowy lot.

PIX11 News January 29, 20145:28 PM

We know Wilson’s hometown meant well

PIX11 News January 29, 20144:39 PM

The residents of Chelsea should be thrilled by this

PIX11 News January 29, 20144:29 PM

PIX11 News January 29, 20144:25 PM

A tale of Peyton’s favorite city

Jeremy Tanner January 29, 20144:24 PM

From Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s Sports Illustrated blog:

Ashley Edwards January 29, 20144:12 PM
PIX11 News January 29, 20144:09 PM

Super Bowl Boulevard from way above …

Ashley Edwards January 29, 20144:05 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 29, 20144:01 PM
rolandopujolwpix January 29, 20144:00 PM

The spire atop the World Trade Center will be lit ORANGE tonight for the Denver Broncos and bright green for the Seattle Seahawks, and alternate until the Super Bowl, when the winner’s color will be seen emanating from the tip of the 1776-foot-tall building. 

ashleyedwardswpix January 29, 20143:56 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 29, 20143:54 PM

PIX11 News January 29, 20143:52 PM

Marshawn Lynch wasn’t always such a church mouse

rolandopujolwpix January 29, 20143:52 PM

Um, so Seahawks and Broncos players took a New Jersey quiz at Super Bowl Media day. And guess how they did? HALF the players didn’t even know what city they were in.

The Star Ledger has the full story:

PIX11 News January 29, 20143:46 PM

PIX11 News January 29, 20143:30 PM
PIX11 News January 28, 201410:26 PM
PIX11 News January 28, 201410:14 PM

PIX11 News January 28, 201410:01 PM
PIX11 News January 28, 20148:43 PM

PIX11 News January 28, 20147:50 PM

PIX11 News January 28, 20145:24 PM

PIX11 News January 28, 20145:09 PM

PIX11 News January 28, 20144:47 PM

PIX11 News January 28, 20144:38 PM

pixtern11 January 28, 20143:52 PM

pixtern11 January 28, 20143:37 PM

pixtern11 January 28, 20143:28 PM

rolandopujolwpix January 28, 20141:07 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 28, 20148:56 AM

ashleyedwardswpix January 28, 20148:43 AM
ashleyedwardswpix January 28, 20148:43 AM

pixtern11 January 27, 20145:17 PM
pixtern11 January 27, 20145:05 PM

Check out these amazing SPORTS + SNOW pictures!!!

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20145:03 PM

pixtern11 January 27, 20144:35 PM
ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20144:22 PM

Pete Carroll talks Mary Jane

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20144:16 PM

From the very important chat on concussions at SBVXLIII

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20144:14 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20144:07 PM

pixtern11 January 27, 20144:07 PM
ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20144:02 PM

Best story of the week so far

pixtern11 January 27, 20144:01 PM
ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:42 PM

Wes Welker is a tiny, but fast little man

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:40 PM

A Broncos fan the Broncos probably don’t want

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:30 PM

In case you missed it from the fine folks who brought us Adrian Peterson’s orange peanut last year, the 2013 edition of Bad Lip Reading. Watch and don’t have anything in your mouth.

pixtern11 January 27, 20143:29 PM

Must SEE! J.J. Watt goes surfing after big play!

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:23 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:21 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:15 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:07 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:05 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20143:04 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20142:56 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 27, 20142:44 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 27, 20142:38 PM

rolandopujolwpix January 27, 20142:00 PM

Our colleagues at QFox13 have an exclusive interview with Russell Wilson. Check it out!

rolandopujolwpix January 27, 201412:52 PM

Fresh in our inbox from NFL Communications:

QUEEN LATIFAH will sing “America The
as part of
Super Bowl XLVIII pregame festivities at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ
on Sunday, February 2, the NFL and FOX announced
today. The performance will be televised live on FOX prior to kickoff.


More than 164 million viewers in the U.S. watched last year’s
Super Bowl,
most-watched television program in history.  The
pregame show, including the National Anthem and “America The Beautiful,” and
Super Bowl XLVIII will be broadcast worldwide


Queen Latifah, host of the The Queen Latifah Show, is a musician,
actress, a label president, an author and entrepreneur, Queen Latifah is a
Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning artist as well as an Emmy and
Academy Award nominee.


New Jersey-native Queen Latifah will return to the Super Bowl
after first singing “America The Beautiful” at Super Bowl XLIV. Last year, JENNIFER
along with 26 children from the Newton, CT community sang in advance
of Super Bowl XLVII. Other artists to have performed the song at Super Bowl
include VICKI CARR (Super Bowl XI), RAY CHARLES (Super Bowl
(Super Bowl XXXVI), ALICIA KEYS (Super


The NFL previously announced that RENÉE FLEMING will
perform the National Anthem, AMBER ZION will perform in American Sign
Language the National Anthem and “America The Beautiful,” and BRUNO MARS
will perform in the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show.  The pregame
and halftime shows are
NFL NETWORK PRODUCTION and will be executive produced by RICKY


rolandopujolwpix January 27, 201412:48 PM

rolandopujolwpix January 27, 201412:42 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 27, 20149:17 AM

ashleyedwardswpix January 27, 20148:03 AM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20149:46 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20148:49 PM

Sherman has the most cameras at avail.. #SBXLVIII in #NJ & #NYC
#Denver #Seattle
#SuperBowl #PIX11Bowl

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20148:26 PM
alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20147:38 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20147:22 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20146:22 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20145:58 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20145:01 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20144:56 PM

alyssazaudererpix11 January 26, 20143:52 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 26, 20143:28 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 25, 20149:17 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 25, 20145:32 PM

ashleyedwardswpix January 25, 20144:34 PM

rolandopujolwpix January 25, 20141:19 PM

Cool video! Check out the construction of MetLife Stadium in a quick 38 seconds.