Mayor of NJ town where Super Bowl will happen, not invited to game

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (PIX11) — It’s no secret, a ticket to the Super Bowl is pretty tough to land. For the common person, usually you’d have to know someone who knows someone, who hopefully knows someone.

But say, you’re Jim Cassella – the  mayor of East Rutherford where the biggest game in sports was set to take place. Getting invited would be a no-brainer,  right?


“I have not been invited,” Cassella revealed to PIX11 News. “Therefore I wasn’t even given an opportunity to buy a ticket.”

“I think Super Bowls — and I have seen them all on TV – the mayor in almost every one of them took part in some capacity at the game.”

Mayor of NJ town where Super Bowl will happen, not invited to game

East Rutherford Mayor Jim Cassella has plans to watch the Super Bowl at home despite the fact it will be taking place in his own town. He told PIX11 News, he was not invited to attend. (WPIX)

According to Cassella, the ‘super’ snub was something he expected early on as New York took top billing as the real host city.

“I don’t think the NFL ever had any desire to use East Rutherford. It was always going to be a New York event in their eyes.”

As far as the big game is concerned, Mayor Cassella says he plans on watching it at home.

He admits, he isn’t really mad about not getting the invite, even having a good sense of humor about it. Watch the video to see what he said.

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