Avonte Oquendo family lawyer gives new details on remains, surveillance video

Posted: 6:19 PM, Jan 20, 2014
Updated: 2014-01-20 19:06:19-05

Avonte Oquendo lawyer

NEW YORK (PIX11) – The family attorney for Avonte Oquendo held a press conference Monday to address the media after being bombarded with questions following the discovery of human remains that bear similarities to the missing autistic boy from Queens.

The first thing attorney David Perecman wanted to emphasize was that “there is no DNA evidence at this point in time.”

He did, however, have new details on the remains, revealing that investigators had found a skull with teeth still intact that can be compared to dental records.

“The sneakers, apparently, were tied pretty tightly to his feet” Perecman said,  adding that the skin condition is good enough to get a print.

In a twist that may have huge implications in for a lawsuit, Perecman also addressed potential new evidence.  “There supposedly was audio tape at the front of the school when Avonte was leaving the school, and there were questions asked of him by the school safety agent.”

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Perecman says he will not be able to confirm those claims until he has the video, he said.  He added that he was only given five videos from non-consecutive cameras; there are twenty on the first floor of the school.

Perecman hopes one of the cameras will show the school safety officer’s actions, as well as reveal what might have been said.

As the information continues to leak out, the process has been weighing on the family.

“Vanessa is as strong as she always is, she breaks down, but these are people who don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves.” Perecman said, adding that Avonte’s grandmother calls him every day.  “You can see there’s a small window opening up inside her that’s beginning to accept that this potential reality may be what she does not want it to be.”

Oquendo’s mother, however, is “unswayed.”  Perecman said she continues to not watch the news and wait for word from the Medical Examiner.

“What she’s doing inside I can’t tell you, I can’t get inside,” Perecman said.