Theories resurface with recovery of human remains in Queens

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COLLEGE POINT, Queens (PIX11) — If the remains and clothing recovered along the east river turn out to be those of Avonte Oquendo, how did they get there?

The findings revive the theory that the teen with autism wound up in the water after slipping out of his school in early October.

Police are said to be working on one theory that the 14-year-old walked from the Riverview School in Long Island City to a nearby hilly area by the mouth of the Newtown Creek and fell down a steep incline into the water.

“The police department has looked through hours and hours of different video tapes, and he hasn’t been seen.  I’m sure if that was the case, there would have been some other investigative steps taken,” said former NYPD Detective Sergeant Wally Zeins.


Zeins disputes a published report that claims Avonte was seen running from a dog, and in a panic, landed in the water.

“That particular allegation went to the police department.  They did investigate it, and they did find the allegation was unfounded, not true.

All theories are just that—theories, until the medical examiner determines the cause of death and releases the results of the DNA tests.

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